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Conservation Areas are areas of `Special Architectural or Historic interest` which are encouraged to be preserved or restored.
These areas are outlined by Local planning Authorities.
Planning applications for development within these designated areas are subjected to stricter Planning procedures and conditions to help maintain appropriate control over the areas to ensure the characteristics of the area are not lost.

Demolition within conservation areas are subjected to an additional form of consent called Conservation Area Consent, which is administered by the secretary of state for local government and communities.  
The District councils are responsible for holding information on Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). A TPO can be applied to any tree or Woodland which may be of special interest or makes a positive contribution to its surrounding environment and the community.
If you are unsure whether your trees are protected by these orders then contact us! Wychwood will gladly process the TPO and TCON council applications on your behalf and will communicate effectively with the council to ensure, as best as possible, that the planning orders are successful.
It is advisable to contact a professional to apply or alternatively request advice from your local council directly. Download the Harrogate Borough Council application forms below-
N.B. For any advice on up to date validation standards refer to the Local Validation Criteria

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High Hedge Complaints Form (pdf)

Tree Preservation Orders
& Conservation Area Application Forms

Download TPO (pdf)
Download: TCON(pdf)
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